Project Description

The Science of Golf

In addition to the expert eye of the Pro, we offer video, flightscope and boditrak analysis.


FlightScope is a 3D Doppler tracking radar for Golf and other sports. It accurately measures the launch and flight of balls and clubs and provides quantitative data about player and equipment performance.

FlightScope is fundamentally different from most other launch monitors because it measures ball speed, position and direction continuously along the ball’s flight path using FlightScope measures what the ball is actually doing, and is much more accurate than camera or light beam methods that take only single launch data points and estimate what the ball will do.

FlightScope is not dependent on ambient lighting conditions (it can work in complete darkness), nor does it create blinding flashes of light making it we believe the perfect lesson tool.


The BodiTrak Golf System is the first portable mat to record balance distribution information and Centre of Pressure (“CoP”) during the golf swing.

Smart fabric sensors enable us to show you how much of your weight is on your left toe or right heel and the speed of your club when you strike the ball.

Pro Agenda

Using Pro Agenda video analysis software we are able to compare two video’s next to each other or in overlay, highlight key points on your swing with graphics, set video speed for slow-motion analysis and record personal instructions to work on, videos being emailed to you after each lesson.